• PCT Argan

PCT Argan an active ingredient that protects skin stem cells, promotes skin rejuvenation and accelerates skin-reparing process.


• PCT MalusDomestica

PCT MalusDomestica, a 1iposome from the stem cell of an apple, promotes skin cell longevity, thereby slows down skin ageing process.

• DermCom

DermCom boosts collagen and elastin production, thus ensures younger-1ooking skin.


• NanoWhite

NanoWhite consists of three whitening agents that help control pigmentation deposition, revealing luminous white skin.

• Gatuline® Radiance

Gatuline® Radiance, gives skin a bright and healthy new 1ook.


• Malt Secrets

Malt Secrets, antioxidant-rich barley malt extract, slow down melanin production and facilitates the development of bright, glowing skin.

• Gatuline® Expression

Gatuline® Expression, a tropical plant extract, helps reduce wrinkles particularly when used rugularly.